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If he had been buried underneath the snow, his chances of survival would quickly fade to close to zero. Even with the elements of excitement and danger, Strong knows now that he should never have tempted fate.

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"We went up to St. Elmo, which is by Buena Vista, and it been snowing, like the snow is just super deep out here. The avalanche danger is very high, obviously," Strong said.

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"That was an avalanche," Strong could be heard saying in the video after the snow hit him.

friends decided to strap on their gear and hit the Colorado slopes with their snowmobiles.

He had no idea what just happened. His first thought is that he was hit by another snowmobile, but he quickly realized that wasn the case.

"I went straight into a panic mode because I thought that guy up above me had been buried," Strong said.

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Once he found that his friends were all ok, they assessed what had just happened. Strong says the avalanche sent his snowmobile tumbling 75 feet, but he was tossed around for nearly 100 feet. Luckily, he was not buried.

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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO It was just like any Saturday after a good snow for former Beresford resident Cody Strong. He and a few Nike Shoes Qd Price

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That was only part of the thrill. He put a GoPro camera on his helmet to film his ride, and only a few minutes into this adventure is where everything went wrong.

´╗┐Beresford Man Survives Avalanche

"The entire break of it was probably 150 yards long and then I suppose it was probably a good eight feet deep at the top where it had all sled down," Strong said.

"It can happen to anyone. I didn think at all that it could happen. Where I was at that particular time and when I was climbing, I knew that was a dangerous spot, but I was heading for the trees, and I didn think anything would happen," Strong said.

registered for avalanche safety courses, and that is something that everyone should do on any hill or mountain that has even a slight risk for that to happen. He says that step could Shoes Nike Boy save the life of you and anyone else who is in danger.

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