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Nike Women Shoes 2018

A condition of Mrs Bernstein's will was that her sister would also be remembered at the hospital. She gives her name to the Muriel Thoms Day Procedure Unit.

Inflation means Mrs Bernstein's legacy is now worth 12m, and goes alongside a later legacy of 1.5m from another widow, Phyllis Cox of Bacton.

Today, media representatives were given a tour of the inside of the building, just over a Nike Shoes For Teenage Girls

Nike Women Shoes 2018

The two will have their names immortalised at the new hospital in the shape of the Bernstein Minor Injuries Unit and the Phyllis Cox Audiology Unit.

Nike Women Shoes 2018

the many dramas and delays along the way, Mrs Lloyd said she had "always kept faith".

A look at the new Cromer Hospital. Project manager Dale Jackson. ANTONY KELLY

But now, 15 years after a new Cromer Hospital was first Nike Women Shoes 2018 suggested, and 11 and a half years after Mrs Bernstein left the staggering sum, the doors to a new, 15m facility are about to be thrown open to patients.

Nike Women Shoes 2018

Nike Women Shoes 2018

Nike Women Shoes 2018

She said: "There's a very good feeling. There's some sadness about the old building going, but there is excitement about what is to come."

Nike Women Shoes 2018

Nike Women Shoes 2018

"But I always knew that we would have a facility even though it has taken 11 years."

Helen Lloyd, service manager, said she was "very excited" that the beginning of the new era was in sight.

At the moment, old and new are alongside each other, with staff and services soon to transfer from the 1930s buildings at the front of the Mill Road site to the up to date complex at the rear.

A final clean Shoes Nike Boy Black

´╗┐Behind the scenes as Cromer's new hospital prepares to open

The move is planned to take place over three weekends beginning March 3 and 4. First to move will be the minor injuries unit (MIU), imaging department and administrative offices.

In the coming months, though, most of the old hospital will be demolished to make way for a car park, including charges for the first time, and landscaping.

They will be followed by the ophthalmology department, day procedure room and treatment bays on March 10 and 11. Last to move will be the out patient areas and audiology department on March 17 and 18.

She said: "I think the staff have sometimes started to wonder, but the trust has always had a vision to provide improved services. There have been times like when we found bats in the roof that we started to think things might be against us.

Nike Women Shoes 2018

up before the opening of the new Cromer Hospital.

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Nike Women Shoes 2018

week before it will begin life as a working hospital for the town and district.

Inside the new Cromer Hospital.

Nike Women Shoes 2018

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