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"Even my brother he said he got chills," said Dozier, one Nike Shoes Black And Pink

Nike Wedge Sneakers Black And Gold

The loudest roars were for Morneau, the only left hander in the event his year. His third derby appearance brought the fans to their feet with AC/DC "Thunderstruck" blaring in the background, and he hit two in the first round before Frazier beat him in the three swing tiebreaker.

Cespedes topped Toronto Jose Bautista, and Frazier surprisingly beat Miami Giancarlo Stanton in the semifinals.

"Maybe next year I put up a better showing at the end," Frazier Nike Wedge Sneakers Black And Gold said. "Now that I understand, maybe I do a couple of more push ups."

He added: "I somebody who very conscious of the power that I have. So I don need to put more of a swing or more of an effort in order to hit a home run. I just have to look for a good pitch and put a good swing on it, and it usually takes care of it."

Nike Wedge Sneakers Black And Gold

54 minutes by light rain on an unseasonably cool night even for Minnesota with a start time temperature of 59 degrees, the contest began with a rainbow protruding from the clouds beyond left center field that framed this limestone encased ballpark that opened in 2010.

Frazier went first, and while he went deep twice, he didn quite reach the rainbow. Neither did Twins second baseman Brian Dozier, the smallest of the participants who had the backing of the crowd with chants of his last name during his two homer round.

One landed in the third deck above left field, about a half dozen rows shy of the very top of the ballpark. Another reached the second deck above the center field batter eye, a place never touched by a ball during an actual game here.

Nike Wedge Sneakers Black And Gold

Cespedes became the first repeat winner of the All Star skills contest in 15 years, powering his way past Cincinnati Todd Frazier 9 1 in the final round Monday night.

Nike Wedge Sneakers Black And Gold

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Nike Wedge Sneakers Black And Gold

Colorado Justin Morneau, the fan favorite after 10 plus years and four All Star games for the host Twins, was eliminated in the first round.

Morneau returned to his roots, and so did the event itself, considering the inaugural contest was held at the Metrodome before the 1985 All Star game. Admission then was a mere $2, slightly less than the $200 and up price tags on the derby these days. The original form was actually a 1960s era television show, featuring sluggers like Harmon Killebrew of the Twins.

´╗┐Beating Frazier in Home Run Derby

Ken Griffey Jr. took the title in 1998 and 1999.

Oh, but Stanton six were beauties.

Nike Wedge Sneakers Black And Gold

Yoenis Cespedes knew how to pace himself in this rain delayed home run derby, drawn out further by a new format.

That was all for him, though. After a long wait for his next turn, Stanton put up a zero in the semifinals and let Frazier advance with only one.

Bautista and Stanton each earned a bye to the semifinals under the new bracketed format, which gave each player seven outs and pitted the survivors from each side in the final round. Bautista went deep 10 times in Nike Blue And Orange Shoes

Cespedes saved his best for last, a 452 foot blast to the third deck above left field that officially measured as the longest of the night. A third base coach Mike Gallego again pitched to Cespedes, who went deep 32 times in last year derby at Citi Field in New York. local time.

The Oakland Athletics outfielder simply trusted his own strength.

Nike Wedge Sneakers Black And Gold

of seven first time participants. His brother, Clay, was his pitcher.

the first round, keeping the fans in the second deck above left field on their toes, and Stanton hit six.

Nike Wedge Sneakers Black And Gold

Cespedes, who beat Donaldson in a tiebreaker after each finished with three in the first round, breezed by Baltimore Adam Jones in the second round. Frazier topped NL captain Troy Tulowitzki on the other side.

Nike Wedge Sneakers Black And Gold

With a serious, determined look on his face the whole time, Cespedes finished with 28 homers. That was four fewer than last year, when he beat Washington Bryce Harper 9 8 in the final round.

"I knew he wasn going to win because his mentality was to take the ball out of the stadium, and I told him that is not the way you win this competition," Cespedes said through an interpreter.

Nike Wedge Sneakers Black And Gold

Bautista, the AL captain, has 11 home runs in 14 regular season games here, the most by any visiting player. That only one less than Twins cornerstone Joe Mauer, who has played 284 career games at Target Field.

The 28 year old Cuban even told Athletics teammate Josh Donaldson he was doing this wrong.

Nike Wedge Sneakers Black And Gold

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