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Researchers found that since 2000, those yearly price increases have accounted for 91 percent of the rise in national health care spending, which totaled $2.7 trillion in 2011.

In Maryland, Sharfstein said, an independent commission has been setting hospital prices since the 1970s. And now his state is working on a plan that would keep hospital spending from growing faster than the economy. It's also supposed to decrease incentives for hospitals Nike Shoes Images 2018

The reasons for the poorer outcomes are not completely clear, and probably complicated, Moses noted. patients should be demanding a much higher degree of service than they're getting."

to perform more procedures, and instead reward them for better quality of care.

Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, the secretary of Maryland's health department, said it might. The law gives more flexibility to states to find "innovative ways" to cut costs, according to Sharfstein, who co wrote an editorial published with the study.

And "market forces" don't come into play. "Patients never see 90 percent of these costs," Moses said, and even doctors may not know how much a treatment costs. With medical devices, like implantable heart devices, for example, hospitals sign confidentiality agreements with manufacturers that prevent them from sharing price information and knowing whether they are getting a good deal or not.

And while there is a lot of worry about the aging baby boomers straining the health care system, right now it's not the elderly breaking the bank. Chronic conditions among people younger than 65 from heart disease to high blood pressure to back pain account for two thirds of health care costs, the study found.

Nike Sneakers 2018 For Men

Life expectancy is a case in point, Moses said. It's improving in the United States, but not as fast as it is in other developed countries.

In 2011, consumers footed the bill for 11 percent of national health care costs (in the form of insurance premiums, co pays and other spending). That was down from 23 percent in 1980.

Another finding that may surprise many patients: Americans have been paying for an increasingly smaller share of their medical care over time.

Nike Sneakers 2018 For Men

Nike Sneakers 2018 For Men

Nike Sneakers 2018 For Men

"I think the origin of that misperception comes from the politicizing of the issue," said Moses, who is also chairman of Alerion Institute, a Virginia based consulting firm.

Nike Sneakers 2018 For Men

discussions based on valid information" are hard to come by. still lags behind in outcomes."

health care spending since 1980.

Nike Sneakers 2018 For Men

By Amy NortonTUESDAY, Nov. health care spending is not an aging population or patient demand but rather the increasing costs of drugs, procedures and hospital care, a new study finds.

Nike Sneakers 2018 For Men

"Chronic illness is a problem for everyone, not just the elderly," Moses said. For the general public, he added, that's another reminder to follow a healthy lifestyle to reduce your chances of developing common health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

"That was surprising," said lead researcher Dr. Hamilton Moses, of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, in Baltimore. Often, he noted, people point to the aging population, or doctors ordering too many tests and treatments, as the main drivers of soaring health care spending.

What they found counters some conventional beliefs. First, price increases have driven the increase in health care costs since 2000. The price of drugs and devices has risen by about 4 percent a year, on average. Hospital charges have shown a similar increase. Meanwhile, administrative costs what doctors and hospitals expend getting payments from insurers and patients have gone up by nearly 6 percent each year.

Nike Sneakers 2018 For Men

In the current political climate, Moses said, "rational Nike Shoes For Girls With Price

For the study, Moses's team analyzed a range of public data sources to look at trends in Nike Sneakers Black And Gold

Nike Sneakers 2018 For Men

´╗┐Behind Massive Hike in Nike Sneakers 2018 For Men U

The new study, reported in the Nov. 13 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, is an attempt to add more actual data to the debate.

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