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"People would pay thousands for the opportunity to hunt bear in the spring," says Hawley. "People are shooting bears out of necessity now and just leaving them. There could be some money made off of that."

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"People may think that they are seeing more bears, but an increase in recreational activities near bear habitats, the 24/7 tracking of bear occurrences, and the enticement of human food products to bears are all factors in why people may think there are more bears around," says Prentice.

Const. Natalie McDowell of the Frontenac OPP detachment says that the presence of people made safety a top priority.

Nike Sneakers 2017 Releases

kill the bear for public safety.

The Ministry of Natural Resources feels that the bear population and bear incidents have not risen to unusual levels.

This is the first animal that Hawley has lost to a bear, but he says that area farms have huge problems with bears getting into farm crops. "I know farmers who have shot up to 10 bears raiding crops," he says.

´╗┐Bear incidents have Frontenac residents on the

"We don't have precise figures, but ministry scientists believe the population is healthy," says information officer Jamie Prentice from the Peterborough MNR office. "They estimate that there are between 75,000 and 100,000 bears in Ontario.

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Bear encounters are common throughout the rural communities of Frontenac County. The Ministry of Natural Resources Kingston office reports that between 2007 and today, there have been 48 reported bear occurrences in the county, nine of which required an MNR worker to respond with a site visit.

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The bear swam across a bay of Sydenham Lake and emerged behind the township office. By this time a crowd had gathered to watch and snap photos.

Hawley says he will not hesitate to shoot the bear that killed his donkey if he spots it around the farm again. It's been seen on his property for the past couple of years.

Brian Davis works at one of the dump sites in Frontenac County. He says that at any given time during the summer months there could be up to 20 bears coming and going from the dump.

"We can't coax the bear back into the wilderness," McDowell says. "We had hoped that people would go back in their homes so that the bear could find its way out of the town, but it was more interested in the people than leaving, and Nike Shoes All Black

Nike Sneakers 2017 Releases

"It's like a buffet set out for them," he says. "I've seen people do incredibly stupid things like throwing bread or old donuts to get them to stand up or turn around. People think it is a zoo. It's tragic in a way."

Hawley says that the donkey was in a paddock with access to a barn. "The bear must have come right up to the door and killed the donkey there," he Nike Shoes White And Blue

Nike Sneakers 2017 Releases

Nike Sneakers 2017 Releases

Nike Sneakers 2017 Releases

McDowell regrets the necessity of the action.

Hawley says that people are shooting nuisance bears anyway, and feels it's a great waste because the spring hunt provided an opportunity to control the population without the waste. Plus, it brought in revenue for the province.

"It was very scary," says Newans, who has two young children. "I saw another bear the next day up in a tree behind the house I rent. It may have been the same bear."

When the bear came back down the tree and began to approach officers and bystanders, police made the decision to Nike Shoes Just Do It Strap

McDowell realizes that people get excited to see wildlife up close, but says that the best thing for everyone involved is to stay out of a bear's way.

The bear incident in Sydenham was the second over the period of one week in Frontenac. Five days before, on May 13, Bob Hawley's pet donkey was killed by a mature male black bear on his farm between Mountain Grove and Parham.

"We need to educate the public that even though bears are interesting, for your protection it's best for you and the bear if you go into your house and let the bear carry on," she says. "The last thing we want to do is destroy an animal."

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"I saw it in Gary's backyard and took some pictures," says Henry Meulenaar, who lives on Bedford Road. "It stopped long enough to eat at the bird feeder, then ran across our backyard, and then across the Cataraqui trail and up behind Trousdale's store."

Many rural residents have spotted bears crossing roads, trails, or munching on farm crops. Some have seen them in back yards or even on house decks. And, of course, the place to go if you want to see a bear is the local dump site.

A black bear wandered into the town of Sydenham on May 17 in search of an easy snack. It found what it was looking for in South Frontenac mayor Gary Davison's backyard, where it demolished a bird feeder and munched on some seeds. Davison was not home at the time, but his neighbour saw the whole thing.

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says. "I saw drag marks over the road and thought it was beavers dragging brush, and then I saw a carcass and thought it was a deer. She too thought it was a deer, until she realized it was the donkey. She was able to snap some photos of it before the bear ran off.

not in a friendly manner."

Some farmers and hunters in the area feel that the bear population has risen since the cancellation of the spring bear hunt in Ontario several years ago.

"Our main goal Nike Sneakers 2017 Releases was to protect the public, as there was quite a crowd of people wanting to take photos," says McDowell. "The bear was not pleased. He went up a tree, and was snarling."

They may appear cute, but they certainly aren't cuddly.

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