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is coming from. The highway district doesn't suddenly put houses there. They're blaming the wrong people and want us all to do the same.

The comparison to Fairview is a horrible comparison. Compare it to SH 69 from I 84 to Kuna. There's still open space on both sides of that highway, and it still has a nice, open country feel. whereas Fairview has strip malls and restaurants as far as the eye can see. There aren't any commercial developments on Beacon Light besides the Chevron at SH 55. People are totally overreacting to this.

years down the line."

But Bloom and other Eagle residents say a five lane road running through a residential area would create a mess of its own.

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Neighbors who live off Beacon Light Road say if the expansion gets approved, and ACHD doesn't take into consideration their point of view, they'll keep fighting.

But sleepy streets and open land could soon be a tale of what once was. ACHD plans to widen the road from two lanes to five in order to make a major arterial connecting Highway 16 and Highway 55.

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´╗┐Beacon Light Road expansion deferred for a Nike Shoes Gray And Black

Neighbors who live near Beacon Light Road say they love the quiet, rural area they live in, and are stepping up to try and stop ACHD from moving forward with the major expansion project.

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Neighbors are asking ACHD to postpone their decision, so that Eagle residents can take time to decide what to do with the road since they are the ones that will be using it. Bloom says she would also like to see developers take traffic concerns into consideration before they build new developments.

"The growth genie is out of the bottle," Quintana said. "ACHD isn't the one who let it loose. So the reality is the growth is coming. All those thousands of rooftops are going to be there whether it's five, 10 or 20 Nike Sneakers Online Shopping

These people need to realize that the growth is NOT ACHD's fault. Beacon Light is never going to be a small, country road with all the development and growth that will come. Emmett commuters already use Beacon Light as a bypass for congested State St/SH 44, and cyclists use it, Nike Sneakerboot 2018 too.

"Those roads on the north side of Eagle, they're going to get busier just as the area grows and more and more people move there," ACHD spokesman Craig Quintana said. "It's inevitable."

While ACHD says they would love to keep the road as is, or only expand it to three lanes, Quintana says that's very unlikely. However, he said if commissioners give them the green light Wednesday night, the project wouldn't break ground for several years.

The highway district says projections show there will be 7 1/2 times more traffic on Beacon Light Road by 2035 than there is today. They say that means they need to widen roads to keep up.

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"Five lanes! It's like, imagine Fairview. That's five lanes," Bloom said. "So, just, no. We're hoping that we can keep our community as unique as it is. We want to keep it as rural. That's why we live here."

However, ACHD said plans have already been approved to build thousands of new homes in the area, and that they'll need to widen roads like Beacon Light Road as a result.

In fact, if you read the study on ACHD's website, they recommend simply obtaining the "right of way" or space for the road for now. They won't even build the actual 5 lane road for another several years. It's not like they're going to be toppling trees and moving dirt next month, or even next year for that matter.

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Over the next 20 to 25 years, the highway district said there will be thousands of new homes built in Eagle and the surrounding foothills. While construction hasn't started, ACHD says the plans have already been approved.

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I know it's not good news for the residents that their small country feel is slowly disappearing. But they seriously need to stop pinning the blame on ACHD. They need to blame their former (or possibly current) neighbors who sold out their open land to developers. That's where the future growth is coming from, and that's where the need for a 5 lane road Boys Nike Shoes Blue

But the highway district says this road would be more of a residential arterial, featuring more narrow lanes, bike lanes, and sidewalks.

A final decision will be made on the expansion Wednesday night.

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Quintana also said ACHD can always scale back their expansion plans or downsize the road if the city of Eagle worked with developers to stall or stop plans for development.

While neighbors say they would be fine with a three lane road, ACHD says with all the development that has been approved, that wouldn't meet the demand of traffic. Quintana says the project will cost around $35 million.


"We have to plan for the future," Quintana said. If you don't you're essentially planning for the future but you're just planning for it to be a mess."

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