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CORPUS CHRISTI During election time, you often see two sides pointing fingers at each other, but, it's not every day though that another politician is dragged in to the battle.

"Do you approve of this or do you think its kind of trying to paint a different picture of things," we asked McComb. "That's a fact," he said pointing to the paper, "the judge wrote the letter."

But the title of is ad is what Loyd Neal thinks of Brent Chesney's Nike Sneaker For Girls spending, so we asked.

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"It passed," said Chesney, "overwhelmingly, it was supported by all the county judges and was supported by Lloyd Neal and by my current opponent."

McComb confirms his supporters posted the ad.

But a December 2011 memo from Neal to Chesney placed in an ad by County Commissioner Joe McComb's supporters calls Chesney's budgeting into question.

It began with Chesney's request for an associate judge for his court.

As for Neal and his role in the election, he is ready to work with whichever candidate voters choose.

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of thousands of dollars over the previous administration."

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"This is not the first time in is campaign that my name had been used and I make it very clear to both candidates I am not taking sides in his race," Neal said.

"If you are wondering how he spent the money he spent it very very wisely and the court was very pleased with how he manages that court and the money he saved the taxpayers of Nueces county," Neal said.

"I want to make one thing really clear," Neal told us after we showed him the ad, "during Brent Chesney's time in Court 5, he saved this county hundreds Nike Sneakers High Ankle

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Nike Sneaker For Girls

Nike Sneaker For Girls

But Chesney insists it is an accomplishment he's proud of.

judge. Neal's name is even used in the title, so, we tracked down Neal today and he says the ad isn't exactly truthful.

Commissioners, including Joe McComb, passed the measure in the memo in February 2012. The only one opposed was commissioner Oscar Ortiz.

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former judge Brent Chesney vs Commissioner Joe McComb, but, one newspaper ad makes it look like Judge Loyd Neal disapproves of Chesney's budgeting during the time he served as Nike Shoes Qd

"Yeah, I remember this," Neal said after looking at the ad.

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Nike Sneaker For Girls

Nike Sneaker For Girls

Chesney says what ultimately came of the memo is a million dollars in savings. McComb questions where those savings come from.

´╗┐Battle Between County Commission Seat Gets County Judge Involved

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