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Nike Shoes White Color

Nike Shoes White Color

Nike Shoes White Color

At what age would you say you became "a man"?

Manliest would be Jeff Nike Shoes White Color Moleski. The guy wrestles bears and hunts with his bare hands. Least manly would be Nike Shoes Black And Gray

life screams manliness.

Outside of your lacrosse accolades, what was the manliest thing you did over the past year?

Nike Shoes White Color

a tie betweenChris O'Doughertyand Kyle Hartzell. Both are as soft as puppy poo.

Nike Shoes White Color

And The Bachelorette too? or Superman?Do real men eat quiche?Is shaving your legs in lacrosse manly?.

3 years ago when my son Carter was born. Itmakes you grow up real fast!

Nike Shoes White Color

Nike Shoes White Color

Below, check out what Ratcliff had to say after we rifled these very manly questions at him.

Nike Shoes White Color

´╗┐Being manly in lacrosse with Man of the Year runne

Who isthe most least manliest Stealth teammate, past yourself of course in the most department?

Absolutely nothing. Nothing about my Nike Shoes Zip Up

Nike Shoes White Color

We're not 100% sure what the rules or regulations were on this one, but Washington Stealth Champion's Cup winner, goal scoring champ and post season MVP Lewis Ratcliff Nike Womens Shoes 2017

While Team Canada surprisingly balked on one of today's most lethal offensivemen when selecting their World Indoor Lacrosse Championship roster, the city of Everettobviously appreciates Ratcliff's oozing Razor Ramon equivalent machismo when he struts down their streets, only one man (former Everett Silvertip Shane Harper named the paper's top man) doing it better, apparently.

Nike Shoes White Color

was named the Everett Herald's runner up for the paper's Man of the Yearvote. We spoke to the man, the myth and the Everett legend after the jump.

Nike Shoes White Color

Nike Shoes White Color

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