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She added: just an adorable character so I really pleased to see the way this has taken off, and it really great to see the way it grabbed the imaginations of the children at Flegg as well.

if the project goes forward the student will be involved in the next stage of the process. friendly ferret first tale was borne out of a performance Eve staged with Spin Off, which included a Bernard puppet.

His character went down so well with audiences she took him to the Edinburgh Festival as part of a stand up show where he gained more popularity.

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definitely think Bernard is going to be on our TV screens, he got legs. partnership was the brainchild of William Burford, head of IT at Flegg, who was a big fan of the Bernard books and wanted to help them find a wider audience.

Nike Shoes White And Blue

And now the lovable mammal is set to reach a national audience as his entertaining adventures are in line to be turned into a TV show thanks to a link up between his creator and a group of Martham students.

the kids had was their spontaneity. They solve the problems very quickly and as a result all the ideas were just so personal.

And the mum of one is confident their efforts will pave Bernard way to the small screen.

This gave Eve the inspiration for the book, aimed at three six year olds, which has been selling steadily on Amazon and led to library tours in Norfolk and Edinburgh.

Nike Shoes White And Blue

Nike Shoes White And Blue

Eve, who also pens stage shows as the artistic director of Norwich based Spin Off Theatre, said: films are amazing. The great strength Nike Black Shoes 2017

Bosses approached Eve about animating the book but as she did not have the right Nike Shoes Blue White

Nike Shoes White And Blue

expertise, or time, to make them a pilot she could see Bernard chance for TV stardom slipping away.

Nike Shoes White And Blue

she will be taking to TV bosses, and the eventual pilot is also hoped to launch the career of the young filmmaker chosen.

Nike Shoes White And Blue

Nike Shoes White And Blue

Nike Shoes White And Blue

And as she and Bernard prepare for a tour of Bristol libraries, Eve has revealed more books are in the pipeline.

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He said: think Eve and the illustrator Cate Agnew have done a cracking job, and I love the fact the ferrets come from Norfolk in the story they live in Acle, not too far from our school. 38, has now whittled down the films to a handful, which Nike Shoes Gray And White

But information technology BTEC students from Flegg High School have helped put him back in the spotlight, after they teamed up with Eve to create a series of short films for her to take to production companies.

She added: whole point of the BTEC is that Nike Shoes White And Blue they supposed to make links into the industry, and this is just the perfect way of doing it.

´╗┐Bernard the Ferret set to become TV star

Nike Shoes White And Blue

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