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"We won't buy diamonds and yachts and take off. I think that we will probably re invest it in our community and make sure that it's done right," Norstegaard said.

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"It goes beyond the economics; it goes beyond the encroachment issue. It has to do a lot with the spirituality of the place," Fisher said.

Norstegaard and her husband, Mark, also waited eight years before picking an oil company they felt was environmentally sound and would treat the area right. That's little conciliation to Nike Shoes With Sock

Controversy over the use of sacred Indian land has been heating up since November. But Wednesday, the Board of Minerals and Environment settled the dispute over whether oil wells can be drilled on land near Bear Butte.

´╗┐Bear Butte Oil Controversy Settled

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Nike Shoes Qd Price

Nike Shoes Qd Price

Norstegaard also points to other developments already in the area. But Fisher said the Native American's concerns come back to the past.

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Nike Shoes Qd Price

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the wells and issued a new one with stricter guidelines

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the Northern Cheyenne, but to many other tribes as well," Fisher said.

"First and foremost, oil wells aren't loud. They don't make a lot of noise. Secondly, the number one thing that you do hear from the top of Bear Butte, in my experience, is Highway 79," Norstegaard said.

Norstegaard said even though she stands to gain from the oil wells, that money will ultimately benefit the area.

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Janeen Norstegaard represents the other side of the issue. She owns the land the wells would be put on.

"It really doesn't make sense as a nation to have all this activity going on when in fact this is really a special and sacred place to not just Nike Shoes Sneakers

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It says no wells can be drilled in the nearly 300 acres within the National Historic Landmark boundaries that were part of the original permit. Outside of that, only five wells can be dug. Those wells must be out of sight from Highway 79.

After listening to all the testimony, the Nike Shoes Qd Price DENR board revoked the original permit for Nike Sneakers Beige

Fisher who said any development near Bear Butte is too much.

Fisher was at the hearing today representing the Northern Cheyenne Tribe from Southern Montana. He said oil wells a mile and a half from the site could ruin the sanctity of Bear Butte.

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