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Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Vanessa Merhib says the growth is attributed to a blend between a high quality staff, supportive community and positive activities after school.

"I think it is a testament to the community and to the programming and to the staff that we have at the Boys and Girls Club," Corporate Board Member Reece Kurtenbach said. "It all works together to show success and that Nike Shoes Blue And Pink

Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut

"Right now we are in a one room space and so you can definitely feel it," Schaefer said. "It wonderful to have that many kids there every single day but we are ready to expand and have different program space for our kids to utilize."

´╗┐Behind The Boys And Girls Club Boom

In the last ten years, the Brookings organization saw unparalleled growth in the community. When it first started, 17 kids came each day; last month, nearly 400 kids.

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"We serve kids who need us most," Executive Director Vanessa Morhib said. "Sometimes for some kids that is maybe lunch or a healthy snack, for other kids that just might be a high five in the gym. And for some kids, like my kids that come, it might be homework help."

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Since 2007, the club has had five homes ranging from a school to a National Guard armory to a tribal building.

The expansion will house the teens across the street from the current location. The $4 million project is slated to be finished next summer. But Brookings isn the only club out growing its building.

drives more interest in what else we could do."

"At the end of the day, every child that walks through our door, leaves at the end of the night a different person, a better person, and if they come in our doors, we want to create hope and opportunity," Merhib said.

year of moving into this new building in 2007, participation reached full capacity in the 37,000 square foot space.

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Vasquez is one of 1,600 children coming to the program each year. And as school lets out, the line to get in here is out the door.

The Moody County Boys and Girls Club in Flandreau is also breaking ground on a $2 million expansion. Director of Development Rachel Schaefer says they seen their numbers double in six years.

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But the rapid success is creating problems. Within one Nike Sneakers Retro

And with the large number of children walking through these doors every day, there is also hope and opportunity for the Boys and Girls Club to continue impacting lives, Nike Shoes That Tie Themselves 2018 Price

The 9th grader has come to the club since he first started school and says the program played a big role in his life. In fact, he credits the teachers at the club for his 4.0 grade point average.

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like Vasquez.

Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut

Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut

"The club is awesome and I don know where I would be without it," Vasquez said.

Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut

This early childhood group is forced to meet on the stage to make room for more students. Even closets are used as classrooms. Now administration is breaking ground to expand and better meet the needs of Brookings youth.

"If I hadn come to the club, I wouldn be so successful in my academics," Vasquez said.

Each membership is $20 a year for a child. Most of the operations budget is made Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut up of donations from individuals, businesses, city government and non profit organizations.

"I know the kids can wait, I think they are the ones who are absolutely most excited and they had the opportunity to go over and see where we will be building. They seen the building plans and they just can believe what they getting," Schaefer said.

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Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut

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