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"The western corridor is the NRL's El Dorado we're gold for rugby league.

"Our population figures are 100 per cent correct, we've got them from the Queensland Government.

NRL chief executive David Gallop has previously flagged the expansionary appeal of Ipswich. Johnson last night defended the bona fides of the western corridor bid.

"You can make the numbers look good but you need the corporate support as well. They have a long way to go to get the level of corporate support they need to be counted as a serious threat.

"The Bombers want to engender public support but despite their announcements I don't think they have achieved that.

Nike Shoes Black And White Boys

Nike Shoes Black And White Boys

"We have a true community rugby league development model, we have a grassroots model that doesn't need constant banging of the drums to convince people.

Nike Shoes Black And White Boys

´╗┐Battle for NRL license turns ugly with Bombers and Ipswich trading barbs

Nike Shoes Black And White Boys

But Ipswich bid chief Steve Johnson hit back yesterday, describing Davison's claims as "nonsense".

"It doesn't make sense."

With the newly created ARL Commission set to seriously explore the merits of expansion, Bombers Women Nike Shoes 2018

"I would suggest they (Ipswich) do not have the population for an NRL team. In 10 years time they might, but the fact is you can't have an NRL team running out of a town with 160,000 people.

to win an NRL licence, it's the strength of your model and as Phil Gould (Penrith general manager) said recently when he visited us, we have a magnificent bid."

Perth is widely expected to clinch one licence if the Telstra Premiership is expanded, while Nike Shoes Black And White Boys the Bombers, Ipswich and Central Queensland are gunning to become Queensland's fourth NRL team.

boss Craig Davison has questioned Ipswich's commercial appeal and accused the western corridor bid of "exaggerating" its demographic strength.

"They claim to have to the largest junior base in Queensland. Yes they have a large base, but it's not as big as the Sunshine Coast.

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The western corridor bid is said to include a population catchment of up to 600,000 from Roma to Logan, with Ipswich city itself boasting 168,000 residents.

"Ipswich is a good little city, but I don't think it has the strength of numbers to make it (NRL admission) work.

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"I don't want to be dismissive of any bid, all of them have strengths, but let's present the facts and not some fanciful figures.

"You can categorically suggest some of Steve Johnson's comments are exaggerated and misinformed," Davison said.

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Nike Shoes Black And White Boys

Nike Shoes Black And White Boys

"The Bombers may as well be called the Brisbane Nike Shoes New 2017

"It's not public relations that is going Nike Shoes 2017 For Men Casual

"Ipswich's heartland is Kevin Walters and Allan Langer (Broncos legends) territory, why would you put an NRL team there when the majority of the Broncos fan base is already in Ipswich.

Compass because they keep looking at all sorts of regions, now they're apparently looking at the Sunshine Coast (as a development area)," Johnson said.

Nike Shoes Black And White Boys

Nike Shoes Black And White Boys

Nike Shoes Black And White Boys

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