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And right next door to Vaughn, neighbor Levette Nike Shoes Beige Dunbar says she slept through it all. But when she awoke, what she saw brought her to tears.

BEECH ISLAND, SC Trees were uprooted, windows blown out and families were Nike Shoes For Women High Tops 2018

"Things happen, you just have to fix it, keep going on with your life the best way you can."

"I went to crying and praying. I looked out the Nike Shoes Black And Orange

Nike Shoes Beige

"We started hearing a few roaring sounds outside and I noticed a transformer blew about a 1/2 a mile down the road. Few seconds later, I saw debris running through the air and felt like it was coming this way and ran inside,"said Patrick Vaughn who survived the storm.

Mutual Aid departments which include both Jackson and Beech Island departments until they are back up and running.

´╗┐Beech Island heavily damaged

window. When I saw all the trees down, I began crying and calling my daughter,"said Levette Dunbar.

Nike Shoes Beige

Nike Shoes Beige

"Just about the time I knelt down with them, the windows blew out and the roof lifted a little. It lasted for about 10 seconds," said Vaughn.

The damages from the storm go all the way down Highway 278 into Aiken County's Petticoat Junction where even more families and businesses lost everything they owned.

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Nike Shoes Beige

Emergency calls for the Silver Bluff Fire Station will be handled by their Nike White Shoes

Nike Shoes Beige

Nike Shoes Beige

Nike Shoes Beige

shaken by the storm.

"Really, just a state of disbelief that the station was actually gone,"said Silver Bluff Fire Chief Kerry Green.

Everything at the Silver Bluff Fire Station was destroyed including some of the trucks used to help others like Patrick in times like these.

Nike Shoes Beige

Nike Shoes Beige

Patrick says as soon as he and his family got inside, the tornado hit their Beech Island home.

Nike Shoes Beige

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