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Nike Purple Shoes

Nike Purple Shoes

"This Friday we start here in Sioux Falls our Red Kettle Campaign, our annual fundraiser, and this is an event that happens all over the United States and actually it goes on all over the world Nike Sneaker Wedges Olive

´╗┐Bell Ringers To Soon Greet Customers

Nike Purple Shoes

Nike Purple Shoes

He says many people who aren struggling contribute because they want to make sure no one goes Nike Shoes Light Up

Nike Purple Shoes

now," Riggs said.

"But what I have found within the Salvation Army is it a lot of people who really understand what need is. So maybe they don have those large gifts to put in but they able to put in their nickels and their dimes. And it surprising how much that brings in," Riggs said.

Nike Purple Shoes

Nike Purple Shoes

Nike Purple Shoes

bells at many store fronts in KELOLAND.

hungry. With many organizations seeing dwindling donations, Riggs says that always a concern.

It a tradition that is as dependable as Christmas itself. Every year, volunteers brave the cold to ring that signature bell. And while it may only be pocket change to you, it can make a big difference.

It one of the biggest fundraising drives that the Salvation Army puts on and it literally helps thousands of people every year.

Nike Purple Shoes

Nike Purple Shoes

"Together were doing Nike Purple Shoes the most good," Maj. Thomas Riggs with the Sioux Falls Salvation Army said.

Nike Purple Shoes

SIOUX FALLS, SD The sound of ringing bells will soon greet customers at many stores across the country including in South Dakota.

"So it tremendous. And again, as people contribute, a lot of people contribute because they know what it like to experience difficulty so they giving out of their own personal experience," Riggs said.

The local Salvation Army goal for its annual Red Kettle Campaign is $350,000. When you add in the mail fundraiser, that number grows to $500,000. It a third of the organizations annual budget.

They stands may be empty now, but soon shoppers will hear ringing Nike Shoes Purple And Gold

Nike Purple Shoes

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