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stick, show the young guns that you still have some skills, head to your favorite local spots, and tie in a football game! If your school doesn't have an alumni game established, take the reigns and be the person to get everyone back together again. It's such a fun way for you to stay in touch with the new team, create a strong alumni following, and feel like you're back in college again.

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Sadly, summer fun is winding down and "back to school" is in the air. For any returning student, young or old, a new school year means fresh school supplies, a new wardrobe, and a clean slate. But, as college rolls around, "back to school" comes with a little more of an emotional punch. Freshmen are full of excitement and nerves, ready for a new chapter in their livesto start. Sophomores and juniors are relieved to be back in their element, and just trying to find out where the party is tonight. Meanwhile,seniors enjoy a mixture of bittersweet emotions. They want that last crazy hoorah before graduation and the real world, but are also ready to get that degree and start making some money!

So, while I'm the first to admit my struggles of fighting off post graduation depression of never playing college lacrosse again and missing my teammates, school, and college town these ideas have certainly helped me already. Keeping in contact and planning some visits, along with staying busy and focusing on a new phase of life are key to smoothly transitioning from a Nike Golden Shoes student athlete to a young professional. While some days may be harder than others, we can all take comfort in knowing we will always be a part of the traditions, the memories, and the team!

Nike Golden Shoes

Attend The Alumni Game

Let's face it lacrosse has taken up a huge chunk of our free time since we decided to pick up a stick. From those early recreation and travel days to the demanding college level expectations, there hasn't been a lot of time for other things. So, now that we have all this free time, why not take up a new hobby? Maybe it's something low key and away from the elements such as scrapbooking, learning to play an instrument, or starting a book club. But, if you need something just as physical to swap out for lacrosse, try group fitness classes like Zumba, or volunteer somewhere with physical labor needs like a beach cleanup or an animal shelter. As for my new hobby, golf has kept me frustratingly busy! Regardless of the activity you pick, a new hobby is sure to take your mind off whatever it is that you're missing and help you enjoy what you're doing now.

Nike Golden Shoes

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meeting friends of friends. In order to grow your Nike Sneakers New Arrivals

The alumni game is usually planned for the fall so the team can focus during the spring season. If you can't make the fall get together, or you're looking to visit more than once a school year, be sure to plan a trip back to campus in the spring to catch a lacrosse game. Not only do you get to tailgate with the parents, but you also get to relive the gameday buzz and excitement. I can't wait to head back to the Diz and watch my FLaxladies kick butt this coming season!

´╗┐Beating The Graduation Blues

Regardless of class, most student athletes will probably agree that best emotion that every new school year brings is the pure joy of reuniting with your teammates (aka your best friends) that you haven't seen in so long.

Nike Golden Shoes

Nike Golden Shoes

Being on a team since age six has blessed most of us with an instant group of friends; but after graduation, we're no longer surrounded by our teammates all the time. It's time to put ourselves out there and make some new friends! Start by chatting it up with some friendly co workers, reach out to old contacts you think might still be in the area, and be up for Nike Shoes Online Cheap

network and make new friends, don't be afraid to be outgoing and start up a conversation.

Meet New People

So, after being conditioned for a fresh start every August, what's a girl to do now that she's graduated and retired from college lacrosse? It's not easy seeing your old teammates head back to one of your favorite places on earth with the promise of another fantastic year of college shenanigans. Social media makes it easy to keep up with everyone, but also extremely hard to hear about the constant fun you're missing out on. Inorder to beat the post graduation blues, I've compiled a few ideas to keep us "has beens" from feeling totally depressed and paralyzed with "FOMO," otherwise known as "fear of missing out."

You may already have one going from the years you played, but now more than everit's important to keep it going! Check in with teammates every so often to get the latest news, share old pictures that bring back stories and memories, and wish the girls luck on run tests and big games. This type of contact will show that you really care about the new team and still want to be a part of it all.

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Nike Golden Shoes

Plan a Spring Trip

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