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´╗┐Bayhawks are Underperforming

Watching the Charlotte Hounds is like watching a trainwreck. In slow motion. Holding a screaming baby. In Space. If you're not putting up a minimum of 12 goals a game then you are not a top team it's that simple. The player by player breakdown is just as brutal as the stats would suggest. It is curious that the ball never seems to cycle back to him at X; Young is one of the three best dodgers from behind the cage in the entire league (the other two being Ned Crotty and Brendan Mundorf), but he hasn't had a chance to showcase it. I knew who he was all along).

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Two teams. One panic button. Who hits it first? Sadly I don't think it will be either. There are plenty of excuses for each team to toss forth. Injuries. Key players with coaching commitments. The indoor league (NLLing). Excuses are easy, but the reality is that neither of these teams have lived up to the expectations set Nike Shoes White And Pink

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forth by themselves. A high standard results in a short fall from grace and right now there is a dog and a bird clinging to life in a ravine at the bottom of the MLL mountain.

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Charlotte's defense is not the biggest issue that the team faces going forward; but it is still a concern. 1 attackman and leaving the No. 2 and No. New York; it was a stellar effort, but it has been the highlight of his season so far with Bernhardt taking the primary clearing role among poles when the midfield is switching. It's easy to ride the Bayhawks and get cheap goals it's shocking that more teams don't do it. Regardless, Chesapeake does a better than average job of getting the ball back after a win at times even employing two poles on the Nike Shoes Png

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draw to check the odds back into their favour.

Devitte: Why The Hounds, Bayhawks are Underperforming Kyle Devitte May 20, 2014IL's Terry Foy and Kyle Devitte bust out an epic debut MLL Podcast forthe 2014 season, catching up on early storylines like Casey Powell andFlorida Launch getting off to a hot start, the paucity of 2 pointgoals and how to trust the undefeated Denver Outlaws.

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teams will be weighed and measured based solely on their records. This is the first in a series of these measurements, and while it is ridiculously early to read the tea leaves on most squads, that is just what many prognosticators will do. One team has put too much trust in its veterans, and the other has put too much trust in unproven youth. It's quite the dichotomy and it would be more amusing if it weren't so sad to watch.

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On the other side of the ball, it's a little more complicated. and Casey Powell and acquiring younger players at the apex of their careers. Guys like Brendan Mundorf a league MVP, Joe Walters a playoff MVP, Peet Poillon one of the most creative dodgers and dynamic shooters in the league even Stephen Peyser a midfielder looking for his second chance after being dealt to Ohio and redealt to this Bayhawks super squad looking for redemption.

It is inevitable that at any standard and/or fractionally measured point in a sports' season, Nike Shoes Yellow And Blue

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The Bayhawks are at the bottom of the league in man down defense and have allowed more goals (8) than anyone else through the first four weeks. Their man down has a kill 55% success rate, which is almost comically awful until you look at Charlotte's percentage (46%), but what comfort does that provide when the team with a worse man down D still managed to score two goals against your unit. Did I neglect to mention that Chesapeake commits more penalties than any other team in the league (17 minutes worth of penalties, 18 total infractions the next closest team has 13)? I did. I forgot to mention that. Nike Girls Shoes High Top Perhaps that puts things in perspective.

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